Terms and Conditions


What is terms & conditions: - General and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules and specifications that protect the right of the company and explains the company’s policy. The following terms & conditions apply to all types of rental and leasing made by Jaadcar. Jaadcar intensely recommends that you sensibly read the general rental terms & conditions as well as the definite rental terms applicable to the rental. Jaadcar also strongly suggests that you carefully read the terms and conditions mentioned on the rental agreement that you signed before the pickup.

1         Obligatory Requirements for rent a car

To be an eligible to rent a car from Jaad Car, the renter must meet the following qualifications:

The renter must be 18 years of age or older and have a driver’s license that was issued at least one years ago. And for the business & first class vehicles renter must be 25 years of age or older and have a driver’s license that was issued at least three years ago. Have a valid European or International driver’s license. Have a personal credit card. For the first class and business class vehicles, renters aged between18-24 will be subject to Young Drivers Surcharge by paying the amount of 5% extra daily (plus VAT). And an additional deposit may charge.


1.1        Vehicle pick up conditions:

The vehicles are divided into 3 different categories and they have an additional requirements beside mandatory requirements. The categories are first class, Business class and the Economy class.

1.1.1        Economy class       Deposit: 500 Euro with one credit card or 2000 Euro cash.       Passport or identity card.


1.1.2        Business class       Deposit: 2500.00 Euro with one credit card or 4000.00 Euro with two credit cards. In terms of cash deposit, has to be 5000.00 Euro.       Passport or Identity card.


1.1.3        First class       Deposit: 5000.00 euro with one credit card or 10000.00 euro with two credit cards. Cash is not accepted for this category.       Passport or identity card.


Prepaid or debit card is not accepted for any vehicle pick-up. If the renter is other than a credit card holder, renter must have to present the credit card holder during the pick-up.

2            Responsibilities & Obligations

          Almost all types of organizations comply the sort of regulations which basically define the relations between a company and a client.  Obligations & responsibilities vary depending on the type of the organization and industry. Jaadcar delineates it in three diverse scopes 1. Renter shall or shall not 2. Renter’s obligations 3. Company’s obligations.


2.1       Renter shall or shall not

2.1.1         Use or allow the vehicle to be used for the transport of passengers for hire or recompense unless the Jaadcar’ s knowledge or written permissions is entirely forbidden. 

2.1.2        Allow the vehicle to be used outside his/her rights given by Jaadcar is forbidden.

2.1.3        Renter is allowed to have a second driver if he or she has a contractual consents from Jaadcar.

2.1.4        Drive the vehicle or permit it to be driven to propel or tow any other vehicle is outlawed.

2.1.5        Renter is allowed to extend or end the rental period before or after the specific rental period with the permit of Jaadcar.

2.1.6        Drive the vehicle or allow it to be driven in any race, reliability trial, speed test, demonstration or game, or went on any race or rally tour or in any event as a pace-maker or testing in preparation are completely prohibited.

2.1.7        Renter is allowed to drive through zone 1 and 2 by having pre authorisations by Jaadcar but zone 3 is restricted.

2.1.8        Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle.

2.1.9        Carriage any animal in the vehicle (with the exception of guide dogs for visually impaired people) is prohibited.


2.2       Renter’s obligations

2.2.1        Renter must ensure that all equitable care is taken when driving and parking the vehicle.

2.2.2        Only the fuel type definite for the vehicle will be used.

2.2.3        The tyres are upheld at their proper pressure level.

2.2.4        The vehicle is locked and secure at all times when it is not in use and the keys kept under the renter's own control at all times.

2.2.5         Approved driver carries their driver's licence with them in the vehicle at all times and will show it on demand to any enforcement officer.

2.2.6        The water in the vehicle's radiator and battery is preserved at the correct level.

2.2.7        If any part of the engine, transmission, braking or suspension systems are seems abnormal, renter should immediately contact to the Jaadcar’s service line.

2.2.8        All the drivers approved to use this vehicle during the term of hire are aware of and comply with the terms drew in the Rental Agreement.

2.2.9        Renter must display their driving license, passport or any official ID, credit card and the reservation confirmation during the pick-up.

2.2.10    Renter must be on time, in case of delay except flight delays will be charged for extra waiting charge.

2.2.11    Car must be returned as it was delivered to the client.


2.3       Jaadcar’s obligations

2.3.1        Jaadcar shall provide the vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition, up to current Certificate of Fitness standards and fully running.

2.3.2        This is Jaadcar’s tasks to provide the vehicle in tip top condition to the pick-up location.

2.3.3         Jaadcar must deliver the similar vehicle what has been requested, in case of accident or unexpected problem Jaadcar can upgrade the vehicle model without any consent of renter.




3         Accidents/repairs/damage and mechanical

3.1.1         If the vehicle is tangled in an accident, damaged, breaks down or requires repair or recover, regardless of cause, the renter shall report the Jaadcar’ s service line of the full conditions by telephone immediately.

3.1.2        The renter shall not assemble or undertake any maintenances or recover without the authorities informed (this includes, but is not limited to, purchasing a replacement tyre) but to the extent that repairs or recover are essential to prevent further harm to the vehicle.

3.1.3        24Hour Roadside Assistance is free for all essential mechanical faults (as determined by the Jaadcar or its official mechanics) related to the vehicle stated in the Rental Document. For all other roadside help call outs counting refilling, jump start, tyre related happenings, lost keys and keys locked in the vehicle, a service stipend will be charged.

3.1.4        If the vehicle needs reparation or spare, the decision to offer another vehicle to the Jaadcar’s sole decision.


4          Rental zones

Jaadcar drew a line its rental areas because traveling through Eastern Europe has a different set of rules compared to Western Europe. Like many other rental companies Jaadcar set 3 different zones.

4.1         Zone one

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, French

4.2         Zone two

Italy , Liechtenstein, Franch Belgium, Luxemburg and Neatherland

4.3         Zone three

 Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia & Slovenia.

Zone one has no cross border charge but zone two will be charged by certain amount. Access to Zone three is restricted, without special permission from Jaadcar enter in to zone three is entirely prohibited. Other than these zones Jaadcar do not permit any other countries to drive its vehicles.

5         Insurance and liabilities

All Jaad Car vehicles are insured and protect against:

Third-party insurance is purchased by the insured (first party) from an insurance company (second party) for protection against another party's claims (third party).Liabilities to third parties (excluding the driver) for injury and death up to 5 Million Euro. Material damages to third parties (excluding the rental vehicle) up to 15 Million Euro. Fire damage of the rental vehicle. Please note that if the vehicle is damaged or stolen due to the renter’s own negligence, the renter will be liable for the amount of the car’s total value at the time of the incident. Jaad Car clients can pay an extra charge for addition insurance including:


Half coverage liabilities (HCL)

When you purchase half coverage liabilities (HCL you will not be held responsible for loss of or damage to the Jaadcar’ s car up to maximum amount mentioned below. provided the loss or damage was not a result of any prohibited use of the car.  HCL only applicable if you choose it during your reservation.

 First class              : Maximum liabilities 3,500.00€ per accident   Price per day     19.99 €

 Business Class      : Maximum liabilities 1,300.00€ per accident   Price per day     15.00 €

 Economy class     : Maximum liabilities 1,300.00€ per accident   Price per day     15.00 €

Super limited liabilities (SLL)

When you rent a car from Jaadcar, you are responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the car resulting from any cause, regardless of fault.  By accepting super Limited liability (SLL) you will be relieved of responsibility up to certain amount that mentioned below for loss or damage to the Jaadcar vehicle.

 First class              : Maximum liabilities 1500.00€ per accident      Price per day        29.99 €

 Business Class      : Maximum liabilities 850.00€ per accident       Price per day        19.99 €

 Economy class     : Maximum liabilities 850.00€ per accident       Price per day        19.99 €


Please note: All the insurance policy will be applied according to the insurance company.

6         Payment & online reservation

Jaadcar offers various payment method, including cash, credit card, bank transfer, and debit card. In terms of bank transfer or payment during the pick-up will be a subject of paying a certain amount of guarantee deposit or valid credit card. In an event of failing to cancel the reservation or no-show Jaadcar will fortify the cancellation fees or no show charge without client’s consent.

Jaadcar’s Reservations are generally for specific car, but it is moreover depends on the specific offers unless it’s reserved by online. If the Vehicle has not been picked up one hour after the agreed pick up time from the reservation, Jaadcar reserves the right to terminate the reservation and payment will not be repaid.

By confirming the reservation through online, clients agreed with the Jaadcar’s terms & conditions. All the terms & conditions will be applied for both online and offline.

7         Agreement

The Rental agreement which is a legal binding contract between the client and Jaadcar, by signing the agreement client admits the terms & conditions of Jaadcar and takes responsibility to bring back the car accordance with the agreement.

8         Data & privacy

Your all personal data and information which are being dealt during the reservation process or given into online Jaadcar securely store them in its system.  Jaadcar will never disclose or sell your data or personal information to third party. When or wherever we handle your data we make sure it is link to our privacy policy.

9         Equipment 

Jaad Car provides additional equipment for car rentals for the clients’ flexibility including following:

·         Infant car seats.

·         Car seats for child 6 months and older.

·         GPS navigation systems.

Equipment are on request and available only after a reservation. The renter is fully responsible for all the accessories he has undertaken during the pick-up. In case of any damage occurred during the rental period Jaadcar will charge the client based on the damage.

10    Delivery of the vehicle

Renter can drop off or deliver the car in number of locations in Vienna and other European cities. We accept any customize pick-up and drop off location based on the client’s preferences.  

11    Amendment & cancellation

 10 days prior of the pick-up all the cancellation and amendment will be free of charge. Any cancellation made within 9 days’ notice or less but more than 72 hours will incur a booking charge, equal to 20 % of the total booking value. If you made a cancellation less than 72 hours but more than 48 hours prior to arrival 50% of the total value of the reservation will be charged. The full balance will be forfeited if you fail to cancel your reservation less than 48 hours. By giving us your credit card details you are authorising us to use this as security for your booking. Any unpaid cancellation charges will be charged to your credit card or you are oblige to transfer the amount through bank or other method. All cancellations must be made in writing and must be sent, faxed or emailed to this address “cancelletion@jaadcar.com” .No cancellations will be accepted by telephone or text massage.

Note: For any amendment which was made less than 48 hours will incur  certain amounts based on the size of reservations. 



No Show

If the renter fails to cancel the reservation and does not show up to collect the car within three hours of 

the reservation, Jaad Car can charge the customer full balance of total booking period .


Car cabin

In case the renter returns the vehicle and it's cabin has stains which require a special cleaning procedure 

(ie animal hair, sand etc on car seats or car floor or port baggage etc.), the renter will be subject to 

cleaning fee by paying the amount of 80,00€.


Second driver 

The Vehicle must not be driven by anyone other than the renter. For second driver renter must have to 

provide a valid driving license and an additional charge will be applied.


Ferrying the car 

It is forbidden without an advanced written authorization from Jaad Car. In case of ferrying the car, the 

renter has to return the car to the pick-up station, otherwise all transportation costs will be charged to the 

renter. In case of an accident or mechanical problem, the car transportation back to the pick-up station 

(Jaad Car branch) is at renter’s responsibility and for all expenses.


Across the border rental 

An advanced written authorization from Jaad Car is required as well as a valid personal credit card for 

guarantee. The cost for issuing the Green card and International Road Assistance will be paid by the 



Rental extension

If the renter wants to keep the vehicle longer than the contracted period, he will have to contact the Jaad

Car location from which the renter picked up the car in order to extend their Rental Agreement before 24 


Earlier return

If any reason renter wants to return the vehicle earlier then the contracted period he or she will have to 

contact before 48 hours. 

Refueling Charge

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refilled prior to return to us, otherwise our 

current refueling charges will apply.


Local taxes apply to the renter’s reservation costs.


Other terms

Above-mentioned rates do not include V.A.T. 

All traffic fines resulting from violation of traffic law are for renter's account.

Rates & Conditions may change without notice. 

The Vienna Courts of Law are responsible for resolving any problems or doubts of service that might 



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Jaadcar has an unparalleled variety of luxury and exotic vehicles so you can book your favorite ride with competitive prices.

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